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With over 46 years of expertise and a track record for superior quality, Wesley Allen is the leading manufacturer and designer of expressive and eclectic iron furniture. Our handcrafted designer iron furniture offers durability and versatility unmatched by other materials - making it the ultimate statement piece in the home. Our commitment to historic-quality standards, innovative designs, exceptional product lines, and the environment, keeps us focused on serving our clients in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Since 1976, Wesley Allen has maintained its strategic efforts and close-knit company culture. By adapting and streamlining our process, we continue to deliver affordability without sacrificing to quality and aesthetics, while our premium materials ensure that our furniture withstands time. The true essence of each Wesley Allen product is a reflection of the spirited craftsmen who guide it through the artistic engineering process. This website is a representation of the passion and dedication that defines Wesley Allen and showcases the evolution of our brand and expanded product lines: iron beds and benches. We invite you to fully experience the versatility and craftsmanship of Wesley Allen iron furniture.

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We believe that our decades of history and past success do not guarantee success in the future. Through continued innovation, renowned quality standards, and an unwavering commitment to the environment and best practices, Wesley Allen is dedicated to providing high-quality designer iron furniture that is marketable to and affordable for today's consumers and continues to expand our product line to other high-profile areas of the home.

Ness Table with Franklin Chairs


At Wesley Allen, our mission is to uphold the highest industry standards and best practices for creating finely crafted, durable, and expressive designer iron furniture. Our handmade designer iron furniture offers durability and versatility unmatched by wood and other materials — making it a statement piece in the home. All of our products are thoughtfully designed to have the perfect balance of strength and beauty. It’s just another example of our dedication. We build beds of the highest quality and stand behind our work. You can rest assured knowing that your Wesley Allen bed is guaranteed to remain beautiful for years to come.

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