We are proud of our wonderful products, and we must ensure that we use only the greatest materials to create them. We desire not only the best for our customers but also the best for the environment.

We believe we have a moral obligation to leave this Earth a better place than we found it - harmonizing our company needs with those of the environment.

To avoid pollution, reduce emissions, and not pose a substantial health risk to our employees and community, we use "green" technology powder coating for our finishes. We not only use powder coating, but all of our components, including carton boxes, aluminum, and steel, are also recyclable. We like to provide high-quality products while still being eco friendly.

powered by
solar energy

Our Los Angeles manufacturing facility, located in the historic Industrial Goodyear Track, utilizes one of the largest solar energy systems in Southern California.

zero emissions

Our zero-emissions, eco-friendly finish bays enhance our position as a leader when it comes to environmentally conscious manufacturing.

solid sustainability

By creating eco-conscious products that last through generations, Wesley Allen offers today's consumers a solution that unites beauty and peace of mind.

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