and create a timeless piece that defines your personality and brings your living space to life.​

Over 40 Hand
Applied Finishes

At Wesley Allen, our skilled artisans bring out the unique character of our products by carefully hand-applying the finish of your choice to the iron furnishings you select. This is how we create the signature look that Wesley Allen is renowned for.


The Wesley Allen brand is known for its exquisite taste and style. The team at Wesley Allen understands the significance of choosing the perfect upholstery to complement a space. You can elevate your Wesley Allen products with our selection of over 60 modern, natural, and edgy fabrics.

Customer Own Material

Wesley Allen allows you to use your own C.O.M (Customer's Own Material) to upholster your Wesley Allen product. Due to the complexity of covering an upholstered Wesley Allen product, some conditions must be met in order to maximize the value of your C.O.M purchase. Please refer to the C.O.M yardage requirement tables on each page to verify that you send us the correct amount of yardage.

Your Choice of
Bed Configuration

Wesley Allen bed frames are available in up to 7 configurations, providing you with many opportunities for customization. Check out each style for specifics.

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