By maintaining timeless standards founded in the principles of American craftsmanship, Wesley Allen remains the pioneer of iron furniture manufacturing. Our skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art technology ensure each eclectic piece is unique and carefully handcrafted to create furniture of the highest quality and style.


Our experienced craftsmen meticulously weld each piece together and then hand-pour each decorative casting directly over the welded iron to create an exceptionally solid bed as uncompromising in strength as it is in beauty.

powerbond finish

Expert colorists apply each finish by coating the bed in powder paint before baking it in specialty ovens at extremely high temperatures, delivering a finish of superior durability and richness.

millennium frames

We carefully design and manufacture our bed frames using high gauge steel to ensure stability and mattress support, making them the strongest frames in the industry.

hand-poured castings

Our beds are crafted with care, as each decorative casting is poured by hand directly onto the welded iron. This results in a remarkably sturdy one-piece bed.

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